A Look at Lighting

Lighting functions in a number of different ways; it reflects your style, mood, ambiance and feel of any room. The choice of fixture, color of glass or metal finish affects how the light fills the room. This is referred to as color temperature and creates an emotional reaction, the key to determining what type environment you want to create—relaxing or stimulating. Remember, dark finishes in the room will absorb more light and must be compensated for.

Another important consideration when choosing a light fixture is the amount of heat it gives off. Too much heat will affect the HVAC system, and therefore will not be cost effective.

As you visualize the decorative statement, you wish to make, take into account your individual space and the construction elements you have to work with. Ask yourself these questions: Will a track system work; ceiling mount; wall mount or up lighting illuminate my space sufficiently? Do I want the clean look of down lighting? Are module luminaries or wall sconce fixtures able to be utilized?

Does outdoor lighting need to tie in with the indoor space? Once again, consider the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. Maybe this is a good time to install LED lighting or use transformers with a low voltage track. The overall lamp performance will be important as well.

There are all types of new lighting ideas available such as Xenon, Halogen, puck lights, mini recessed transformers that can be placed near or far from the fixture, compact fluorescent, linear lighting, cold cathode fluorescent (CCF), under cabinet lighting, low voltage monorails, cove lighting, and so much more! Or maybe your source of light is a beautiful table lamp for the decorative effect with a home spun feel.